A Thank you to all  who participated in our Little Comberton Advent Windows. Lovely to see the lights shining out as we prepared for Christmastide.

Some were lit until 12th night and some are still shining out until February 2nd - Candlemas - no we haven't forgotten!


A Thank you to all the children [and parents] who came to the Activities morning

A big thank you to the parents who brought their families through the snow- deep and crisp and even - for the All Age Christingle Service. 50 brave souls enjoyed the service and some had walked from Great Comberton, Bricklehampton and Elmley Castle to be there



and now make a note of



Advent Activities


When?   Saturday, December 8th 


Where?   Little Comberton Village Hall


Time?      10am. - 1pm



Advent Windows



When?  First window - December 1, the day before Advent Sunday



How this all started


The idea of lighting Advent Windows first came to me after the summer of 2007, when much of the UK had experienced floods of biblical proportions - even our own village of Little Comberton had not escaped. Christmas was approaching; a Christmas that was not going to be easy for many families. But, before Christmas we have Advent - a time of preparation. I also associate light with Advent; the dark nights of winter relieved by the warm lights as we approach the Nativity.

You probably remember Advent Calendars which we start opening at the beginning of December - opening a new 'window' to show a religious text or poem or Christmas themed illustration or even a chocolate - always very popular! In Switzerland, in some villages  there is a custom of lighting windows in homes - just like a calendar.

So there it was! The spark of an idea! I would invite homes in Little Comberton to decorate and light a window.

We begin on Advent Sunday with the first lights and then each day another home is added until on Christmas Eve [or the night of the Village Carol Service] the star is lit outside St Peters Church in our village.

Many of the lights remain lit until January 6 - Twelfth Night when traditionally Christmas lights and decorations are taken down for another year. I'm hoping that some of the lights will remain lit until February 2 - CANDLEMAS - then we will appreciate the lighter nights as spring approaches.

I don't know how long it takes for something to become a tradition but this year will be the 12th year!

                                                                                                                                                               Yvonne Seward